Communication Audit

High bounce rate? Are users spending time on the wrong pages of your website? Not getting any sales or leads? Odds are you have a communication problem. I follow the simple process below and present you with an audit with prioritised recommendations based on your specific goals.


I’ll spend time understanding your brand and your different target audiences before auditing your online platforms.


Using insights from user communication and engagement tools, Google Analytics and UserTesting, I will identify ideal user journeys and ensure that key messages for each audience are communicated effectively.


Through this process, I can find information gaps and UX opportunities from which I’ll make recommendations with a focus on increasing your online credibility and improving the engagement and conversion metrics that matter to you.

Writing persuasive web content

Do you find it easy to express everything you want to about your company, product or service when speaking about it, but when it comes to putting words on a page – suddenly everything you write seems inadequate? I write onsite content that communicates what your business offers in a way that your target audiences want to hear.


I will work with you to understand the essence of what you’re trying to communicate, through a series of face to face sessions or Skype calls.


By stepping into the shoes of your customers, I’ll ask questions and use your answers to craft bespoke content aimed at provoking action!


Through setting up online goals, and setting KPIs, we can analyse what’s working and measure the impact new content has on your site engagement metrics or conversion data.

Bespoke Social and content strategy

Think your blog or social content lacks substance? Or perhaps you’ve found that the people reading your blog or following you on social aren’t your target audience? My social and content strategies help you streamline your efforts and cut through the noise.


We’ll start with identifying the target groups we’re trying to reach, and defining the key messages we want to communicate to them.


Next, we’ll identify which platforms are most worth your time investment, and most likely to help you achieve your business goals. This will form the basis of a channel-specific approach.


I’ll provide a strategic plan that identifies what content you should produce for each individual channel to add value to your audience’s experience with your brand.

Bespoke Training and Workshops

I believe that the best people to produce blog and social content for your business are the people who live and breathe it. If they need a helping hand, I can create tailored training sessions and workshops to develop your team’s skills and boost their confidence.

Tailoring content to your audience

Learn how to identify and target your audiences, and tailor your content to match

Team and content management

I can help you define your topics of expertise, and develop a sustainable approach for social or content management

Online content best practices

I can teach your team online content best practices – From crafting persuasive headlines to understanding meta-data and basic SEO principles