How I work

I believe in a values-first approach to marketing

This means that before I do any proactive work with you, I invest in getting under the skin of your brand: I want to understand who you are, what you believe in, and what you’re trying to change or offer in your industry that didn’t exist before you set up shop.

For your communication to be effective and hit its mark, I also want to understand who your perfect customers and clients are. Not just their demographics, but their emotional goals – what makes them tick? How does what you offer fit into that — maybe by solving their problems, easing their fears or pain, or making them feel happy and special.

It’s once we’ve built this picture of your company and of your customers, that we can get to work; Whether that’s establishing your brand’s tone of voice for different comms, re-writing or creating website content, understanding and improving the user journey and experience through your website, or creating email and social strategies that represent your brand wholeheartedly, and target your perfect consumers with the right messaging.

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There’s no “one-size-fits-all” package

All projects tailored to your business

I don’t have set packages, because my clients vary in their size, budget, and requirements.

Every project is bespoke – based on what your business needs. Often, clients will be looking for 360-degree support where I’ll combine many and sometimes all of the services I’ve listed below into an ongoing plan of action. 

Other times, clients just want support in one or two of these areas as a one-off project.

Whatever you’re looking for, or even if you’re not quite sure what your business needs and want to discuss options in more detail — drop me an email or request a call and I’ll be very happy to discuss how I might be able to help and where would make sense for us to start.

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My Core Services

Brand Discovery Workshops

Typically the first step in a new project. Over half a day, we’ll go through a four-stage discovery process that will get you thinking about different aspects of your brand and help us establish a really clear and targeted communications plan which will form the bedrock of all future work.

Tone of Voice Guidelines

Using insights from the brand discovery workshop, I’ll put together Guidelines which break down what tone to use to emphasise different qualities of your brand, with relevant examples. This means that your internal team, or anyone you contract to write content for you in the future, has clear directions on how to speak on-brand.

Website Content

Once you’ve got your brand positioning and tone of voice established, we can get to work creating (or rejigging) content for your website that not only sounds like your business, but that is also crafted in a way that it tells users what they need to know and drives action through your site.

Social Media, Blog & Email Marketing Strategies

Most businesses use social media, create blogs, and send emails without a clear understanding of what they’re trying to achieve. I’ll work with you or your marketing team to create social media, blog and / or email marketing strategies that have clear goals and KPIs, so they become valuable tools for your business.

User Testing

If you’ve got a B2C product or service offering, User Testing is a great way to get really detailed insights on how new potential customers perceive your brand, how easy they find it to navigate your website, and where they get stuck along typical user journeys. 

Website Reviews

Looking at data from Google Analytics and any heatmapping software installed, I can review your current website’s performance and provide recommendations for improvement — from UX issues to suggestions to improve your site content, imagery, positioning and credibility factors.

Bespoke Training and Workshops

I believe that the best people to produce the ongoing blog and social content for your business are the people who live and breathe it.

That’s why I offer strategy support, but not ongoing content creation and management. If you or your teams need a hand learning the ropes, or if you’re organising an event and need a trainer, I’ll happily create tailored training sessions and workshops to develop your team’s skills and boost their confidence.

Tailoring content to your audience

Learn how to identify and target your audiences, and tailor your content to match

Team & Content Management

I can help you define your topics of expertise, and develop a sustainable approach for social or content management

Online content best practices

I can teach your team online content best practices – From crafting persuasive headlines to understanding meta-data and basic SEO principles