Why I’d love to work with you

There’s just something about you…

There’s something about independent businesses that makes me incredibly excited; about people who stand against the big brands and corporates and say: “Yes, you might be bigger, but we’ve still got something you don’t.”

And that something is everything.

It’s the passion and love for your craft and for your mission, it’s the drive that gets you out of bed every morning, and it’s the careful consideration and personal service you offer each and every one of your customers that big businesses just can’t compete with.

Having worked agency side for 5 years, and working with a lot of the Goliaths of various industries, I realised that the clients I built the strongest relationships with (and who I felt I could have the biggest impact for) were the underdogs. The Davids. And honestly, working with the smaller, independent businesses was so much more fun! No corporate expectations or pretence; just real people working together to get what needed to get done, done.

When you’re a small, independent business, your brand and reputation is everything. You probably know you need to do more marketing and polish up your website… but you’re busy doing what you do best: running your business.

And that’s the hard part. So why don’t we work together? You keep doing amazing work, and I’ll work with you to give you the tools and support you need to pull all the pieces of your brand together and shout about it from the rooftops to make sure your brand is understood, and gets noticed.

Let's do this!
What brought you here won’t get you there

My journey

I first came to Oxford from Australia in 2011 and immediately fell in love. I settled in Oxfordshire back in 2015 after 4 years of hopping back and forth (excuse the kangaroo pun).

In this time, I had the opportunity to get on board with what’s now become the UK’s biggest search marketing conference, brightonSEO.

Joining as their community manager in 2013 — I was responsible for all of their community-facing communications: I managed the website, established the brand tone of voice, I started the social media channels and liaised between speakers, delegates and the conference team. It’s the first time I’d been tasked with developing a brand identity and personality for a company… and I absolutely loved it.

Since then, I’ve worked in travel & leisure PR, as a Digital PR specialist for a leading Oxford digital agency (where I ended up speaking on stage at the same conference I’d worked for only years before), and I’ve tested the world of Mad Men — managing creative projects for international brands including Visa and Lendlease for a creative agency in Buckinghamshire.

There was so much I learnt from all of these roles, but my biggest lesson was that I got the most energy and excitement doing what I did at the very beginning; My strength and passion was in pulling all the pieces of a small business’ brand together into one cohesive strategy.

And that’s what Scarlet Roo is all about: Helping business owners find the right words to say, on the right platform, to get their brand noticed by the right people.

You look familiar…

Along the way, you might have seen me speaking at:

What’s in a name?

Why Scarlet Roo?

People often ask why I named the company “Scarlet Roo”. It’s pretty simple really; I’m nicknamed after a kangaroo, and Australia’s best-known roos are the Big Reds.

One thing most people don’t know about kangaroos is that they can only propel themselves forward; they can’t move backwards.

And that is what I aim to do with every single project — help small and independent businesses move forward — so it all seemed to fit into place.

(And, as Red Roo Consulting turns out to be a construction company, Scarlet Roo was born.)