Why I’m here wanting to work with you

There’s just something about you…

There’s something about independent businesses that make me incredibly excited; about people who stand against the big brands and corporates and say: “Yes, you might be bigger, but we’ve still got something you don’t.”

And that something is everything.

It’s the passion and love for your craft and for your mission, it’s the drive that gets you out of bed every morning, and it’s the careful consideration and personal service you offer each and every one of your customers that big businesses just can’t compete with.

Having worked agency side for 5 years, and working with a lot of the Goliaths of various industries, I realised that the clients I built the strongest relationships with, and who I felt I could have the biggest impact for… were the underdogs. The Davids. And honestly, working with the smaller, independent businesses was so much more fun! No corporate expectations or pretence; just real people working together to get s**t done.

When you’re a small, independent business, your brand and reputation is everything. You probably know you need to do more marketing and polish up your website… but you’re busy doing what you do best: running your business.

And to be honest, that’s the hard part. So why don’t we work together? You keep doing amazing work, and I’ll work with you to give you the tools and support you need to shout about it from the rooftops and make sure you and your brand get noticed.

Let's do this!