Think of me as your Business Message Whisperer…

How you position your business online can make the difference between your perfect customer feeling as if they’ve found what they’re looking for, or hitting the back button and searching elsewhere.

Using content design and a values-first approach, I make sure your website, brand listings, email marketing and social media channels are all working as effectively as they can for you, singing from the same song sheet. This way, no matter how they come across you, your ideal customer will quickly understand what your business is about, and want to engage with you — They’ll get your point.

I love working with passionate people and businesses who lovingly craft their products or services and truly care for their customers’ experience… especially when they’re the Davids of their industry, fighting against the Goliaths. If that sounds like you and you’d like a helping hand, then let’s chat.

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How I can help you

Brand Discovery Workshops

We’ll delve into the underbelly of your business and come out with a clear brand identity, key messages, and action plan for next steps.

Content Creation

Know what you want to say, but just don’t have the words to say it? I’ll craft content on your website that does its job & drives action.

Social Media & Blogging Strategies

Focused social media strategies with clear goals and KPIs so your social media channels become valuable parts of your marketing plan, and not just a waste of time.

Training and Workshops

The best people to produce content for your business are the people who live and breathe it. I can provide training to help them get started.

User Testing

I’ll create & manage user testing scenarios to get insight into what users understand from your website and where they get stuck. Then I can help you fix it.

Website Reviews

I’ll review your current website – taking into account your content, imagery, brand positioning and credibility factors, and work with you to bring it up a level

What makes me different?

Working agency-side, I was fed up of having to take on work I wasn’t passionate about — where we were delivering work to fulfil a retainer, rather than to make a difference. I started my own business to be able to take on projects I cared about, and help amazing businesses do more great work.

I only take on projects where I believe I am the best person for the job. Working on your project, I’ll become as passionate about your business as any one of your staff, but have the objectivity required to see how best to show your business in its best light to reach its full potential.

I’m one of the most enthusiastic people you’ll meet, but I’m down to earth and I won’t speak in marketing jargon you don’t understand. Just as I’ll help you speak your customers’ language, I’ll translate what I do into your language, to what matters to you.

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